Rob & Matt answer your Wedding DJ questions…

We get asked all sorts of questions! So we've compiled a list of the most popular queries we get from prospective wedding clients. We hope you find what you're looking for here but if you want to ask something specifically - you know where we are...

Rob & Matt answer your Wedding DJ questions…

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Do we or the venue need to provide anything?

Apart from the space in which to set up and power, we’ll supply everything required. If the reception is at a venue we’re not familiar with, we’ll perform an audit in advance to make sure we have everything in place, on the day. Our extensive range of event services will cover most of those extras that will really make your reception stand out.

How many hours are included in the package?

This depends on the services we are supplying and the time of the reception / whether the wedding is taking place in the same place as the reception. Our full consultation will be followed by an itinerary and our online event management software will keep you up to date with schedules. DJ packages are generally 5 hours.

How much time do you need to set up?

As a minimum 1 hour but it depends on the venue, the timing of the reception and other event services you may wish to hire. We will plan carefully in advance with yourselves and your venue.

Do you offer MC services too?

We offer a full package that can even include wireless microphone and PA hire with all the set up and support required. We also supply dance floors, magic mirror photo booths, 5 ft ‘LOVE’ letters, confetti cannon, staging, lighting and much more.

Can I give a recommended playlist to you before the wedding?

Certainly. We do think though, that a discussion about the music would be beneficial so we’re not playing too much of one kind of music. We’d also like to be given the opportunity to read the occasion and react to the audience. Throwing in a few ‘floor fillers’ at the appropriate time can really get things moving.

Can you play the music for our first dance?

We certainly can! We can also choose background music for the lead up to this and suggest tracks that may work well straight afterwards, to get your guests involved.

What genres of music do you play and do you accept requests?

We play absolutely any genre of music but the most important things is, that we listen carefully to your ideas, during our initial consultation. At the time of the occasion we’ll make sure we cover the songs you definitely want to hear and we’ll choose other songs that we think will work well with the kind of music you’ve picked. We also ‘read’ the audience and constantly monitor what’s working best and what’s getting people going. We’ll also make suggestions based on the age of your guests and whether there are children present - we try to play something for everybody at some point during the occasion.