DJ or Playlist? Deep Down You Know...

In an age where digital music is so accessible it's tempting to put together a playlist, plug it in and well... hope!

DJ or Playlist? Deep Down You Know...

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Your playlist has the music you want and their won’t be another wedding supplier you have to liaise with BUT you're missing one very important factor and that’s the impact on the dance floor of a real-life DJ practising their art-form. 

Your playlist can't gauge the feedback 

An experienced and music-passionate DJ will read their audience, feed off its energy and deliver the right songs at the right time to ensure success.

It’s tricky to sum up any creative process in words really but, generally, we look out for the toe tapping, gauge what is working and what isn’t from facial expressions, and take in tiny cues from our audience to create a night that builds upon the emotions to achieve the ultimate goal of a memorable, dance filled, fun evening that reflects the tastes of the happy couple and the energy of the room.

Contrary to popular belief, a successful wedding soundtrack isn’t all about numbers on dance floor. There is much more to it than that: with a good DJ, creating something which is both meaningful to a couple as well as fun filled for everyone - a pre-planned playlist just can’t match that!