Did you get Engaged at Christmas?

Firstly - huge congratulations! What a great time of year to get engaged. At a time of year when families get together, it's wonderful to share such happy news. So what happens next...

Did you get Engaged at Christmas?

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Well you might be thinking about an engagement party, or at least a gathering to show off that beautiful shiny ring that you just can't stop admiring!

In the meantime, try to have some time alone with your betrothed, to discuss at least, an outline of your plans so that when friends and family ask those inevitable questions such as where and when... you are both singing off the same hymn-sheet.

If you really don't have any idea of your wedding venue or when the wedding might be then it might be an idea if you both say: "It's a secret for now but we'll let you know in the New Year." This will give you time to work out your budget, shortlist of venues and a realistic date, having made some initial inquiries with venues. 

You're probably going to have to stay quite tight-lipped so you don't don't end up with a list of bridesmaids, as along as your arm!


Enjoy the warm, cosy glow of being engaged and take the time to work through your plans and present those plans, first to those closest to you - the bush telegraph will take over from there and you'll find yourself getting swept along by a wave of excited friends and relations.

When you get to the point where you need a wedding DJ that can also supply a host of event services, you know where we are...

Once again, congratulations, we look forward to making your day, very special.